Caboolture has become the capital of sport aviation in Queensland, owing to both a fantastic culture and location.


A Pilot's Paradise

Caboolture Aero Club Inc maintains the airfield on behalf of some 250 members who enjoy flying above some of the most picturesque terrain a pilot could dream of. Read more in the University of Sunshine Coast's feature below:

Stories of Moreton Bay: Caboolture Aero Club

Visit the Airfield

The Caboolture Aero Field is an idyllic place for day trippers. Conveniently located close to the city of Caboolture, there are fascinating collections of aircraft from World War One to the modern era onsite.


A Brief History

Caboolture’s first airstrip was constructed some time before 1965 by Norman Douglas Thurecht.  The initial site of Redcliffe was denied permission due to proximity to Brisbane airports and a lack of radar coverage.  Following the construction of Redcliffe Aerodrome, the Caboolture airstrip was abandoned and its operations moved to the new site.

The present site of Caboolture Airfield is held by lease to Caboolture Aero Club from the State Government. The Moreton Bay Regional Council acts as custodian of the land on behalf of the Queensland Government. Since its inception, the Caboolture Aero Club has owned and operated the airfield. In 1990 the Brisbane Valley Gliding Club began operating from the airfield, later changing its name to Caboolture Gliding Club in May 1991 with the  main base moved to Caboolture.

The View From Above

This aerial photo diagram of the airfield offers a reasonable representation, but please note that due to distortions, the scale is not true.

Please note: The use of the aerodrome is to be in accordance with ERSA and the Aero Club’s Operations Manual.

YCAB runway picture

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Become a member of the club on Caboolture’s airfield,
the capital of Australian Sport Aviation.